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≧❂◡❂≦ :For something my muse would say to yours while they are drunk.

Will you come sleep with me?
You feel nice
when you sleep with me—
I like sleeping with you

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                          Right—it wasn’t much of a stretch to see
                          why Caitlin would gain a sudden distaste
                          for rocks (rather sudden, though, wasn’t it?). 
                          Tabitha followed, voicing a confused “Hey,
                          where’re you going? before catching up.

                                                               This was quite the nice spot that Caitlin
                                                               had picked; Tabitha Tabitha realized that
                                                               once he managed to stop and take in his
                                                               surroundings. Hadn’t he passed through
                                                               this area once before back in Team Magma?
                                                               No matter. That was still past.

                                               He let out a deep breath, leaning his back
                                               against the tree. “So… What else was there,
                                               Caitlin? Just sitting and watching?

Slipping off her dainty shoes,
Caitlin pulls at the hem of her skirt upward
and grasps at them as they bundled around 
her calves.

Sixteen-year old Caitlin would have
tutted at such a barbaric action,
but at twenty-two, she knew
that there was so much more than impressions
and image—
that life was as they say dolce vita, 
and meant to be enjoyed.

Sitting and watching?
You do that, then—”

a little snide-sounding, but it is the cold waters against
exposed skin that relents such an icy tone from the psychic.
Quickly, a laugh takes over as she side-eyes the man,
eyes falling gently shut to enjoy
for that moment
what earth had to offer.




                                 Tabitha sized up Caitlin’s condition, his eyes
                                 wandering to and fro. Seemed she was right;
                                 she didn’t hit the ground or scratch anything.
                                 It was almost like those times when he was
                                 younger, having to make sure his friend didn’t
                                 get hurt after a scuffle gone wrong.

                                      But that was in the past; he still had to worry
                                      about the present and future.

                     “Want to find a place that’s a bit more stable? I’m
                       pretty sure there are bigger rocks to sit on, Caitlin…

Nodding curtly in response to the man’s suggestion,
the elite brushes the hem of her petticoat and
smoothens out her dress while sapphire optics 
scanned the surrounding.
While there were (obviously) better places to 
s i t
than on top of some rock, 
her attention is invariably drawn back to the small creek
that bubbled just a distance off,
hidden under a rather large-tree with generous shade.

Without waiting for her companion,
Caitlin makes her way toward the oakwood plant 
and places a hand appreciatively on the bark,
tracing the uneven patterns with her fingertips hovering
for just the time until the other had caught up.

I don’t particularly favor rocks,
especially after falling off one—”

in forty days, i found forty ways to you — caitlin & siebold


     Honestly; Siebold had been sceptical of this entire scenario from the beginning. Like Caitlin Siebold had been…persuaded, if you will, into giving this ‘forty dates’ thing a try - with a girl he’d never met. 

Of course he’d heard of the Unovan Elite - The psychic specialist who had a habit of sleeping. A lot. A small smirk tugged gently at the corners of Siebold’s lips as he recalled someone or another mentioning that to him; he’d found it amusing. Perhaps not the titbit itself but rather the idea that it didn’t seem to matter where you were from - Elites were all as strange? Quirky? - as each other.
     Perhaps it was a prerequisite that none of them were informed of.


      After some heavy encouragement from some friends and family (mostly his Mother, naturally) Siebold had finally consented to the idea. After all it could be interesting. The blonde Elite was not convinced it would be a positive experience with any results to show for it at the end, but an experience nonetheless.
     —— Though of course, there was always the chance that something would come of it. Perhaps Siebold quietly wished for that to be true - he loved both his careers. The resulting fame and celebrity status, not so much, but even with all the press and paparazzi and trainers following you and surrounding you on a daily basis, it was still quite possible for one to feel lonely.

Siebold blamed that on his grumpy mood and rather standoffish personality. Perhaps he should change; act a little friendlier, become more approachable.
    Of course that had never worked - Until now.

     He regarded the blonde he sat opposite of with a quiet fondness. You could be certain that Caitlin had begun to grow on Siebold - perhaps in more ways than he was willing to admit or had ever expected in the first place. She seemed so delicate, so much like a china doll that Siebold was almost worried that a touch or words with sharp intent could break her. While he believed that was not the case, maybe it was a reason for him being a bit softer with her than with others.

    Or perhaps it was something else, that the Elite wasn’t quite ready to admit. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to. It was nothing more than an inkling anyway - he would wait a short while first. That was the best approach.

—— Today they had chosen a cosy little cafe - nothing too extravagant or expensive. Just somewhere quiet and tucked away. Somewhere for them.
Siebold’s mind had drifted off somewhere, amongst the gentle chatter of the other cafe-goers and the clinking of cups and cutlery and the soft music in the background - the song? It seemed familiar though he couldn’t recall the title to save his life. The contented silence they lulled into was broken however; Siebold looked down as Caitlin entwined her fingers with his - tracing the clumsy, odd scars that laced his hand - results of carelessness in the kitchen.

    The Elite wasn’t sure about the sudden contact - it seemed a romantic gesture, and while he still felt uncertain, Siebold didn’t want to lead Caitlin down the garden path. Though he couldn’t deny - it felt nice.


     “Of course. Siebold responded quietly, his gaze turning to the table cloth to study the patterns sewn onto it, his smirk from earlier turning into more of a slight smile.
Seems rather odd to think of it now, considering how easy it is to sit with you now. It had been awkward that first time, hm? - a pause. That hadn’t come out quite like it had sounded in his head - he cast his gaze up to meet Caitlin’s to watch for her reaction.

The first way that she found herself to him, was the way he elicited laughs from her so easily. The small, crimson blush that flocked his complexion and transferred the heat to hid fingertips – did he know that she could feel it? That she could sense the burning embarrassment from his face without even consulting her psychic powers? Reclining slightly into her seat with the dwindle of a chuckle, Caitlin rescinds her fingers from his palm, dancing them to the edge of the tablecloth that the man had been so intent on studying—

What is so interesting about this fabric, Siebold?” she muses with a slight tease, turning her head away toward the window and studying the blurred faces of couples that walked on by outside. A labyrinth, was what they had christened the small back alleys of the city (and Arceus, was this place lined with hidden paths and magical hideaways); a point she had come to love about Kalos of which Sinnoh and Unova did not offer her.

It reminds her somehow, of the first time they had met, and how fresh things had felt as they sat across one another at the table, shuffling awkwardly underneath the tablecloth with her wringing her fingers and wrists waiting for the (attractive) man before her to say something. Lke the time she had travelled to the Unova Castle upon leaving the Battle Castle in Sinnoh – the rush of excitement mixed with dread; the language-barrier and how even the air tasted different when she inhaled it – was a similar feeling Siebold had given her as she offered him a handshake and a small curtsey, her name Caitlin offered shyly as though it were some irreplaceable prize only to be uttered with utmost reverence. 

You know, I thought you were sort of strange the first time we dined together;” the elite pauses, taking a small bite out of her pastry tart as her eyes affixed on the gold rim of her teacup in contemplation.

"— you always seemed to be in some kind of foul mood when it came to food, as though nothing else matched up to your standard of appreciation for fine dining.” Pausing, she places the fork down against her platter, hands brushing the crumbs away from her petticoat deftly. 

I was afraid that the restaurant I picked wasn’t good enough for you.”

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I don’t need to see you, to feel you || Euisine’s AU {Part Two}


The transition into darkness was honestly, hardly considered one. 

More likened to being pushed into the deep end of a pool, one comes up spluttering and shivering – skin with raised bumps screaming cold, Eusine hadn’t felt so alone since the time before he had begun his research, the time of the prime beginning of darkness / the untimely demise of his parents.

The other children were merciless still,
taunting him a loveless child.

       ”Grandpa, you love me, don’t you?
         Will you tell me the story of Suicune again—?”

But the vision of the old researcher and the newspaper clippings were but a dream, and opening his eyes in the dark of night, the mystical-man saw naught and felt naught save for the drop of liquid that fell into his outstretched palm—

                              Am I crying? 
                          Did losing my sight make me lose the sense of tears as well?

A weight lifts off his bed frame quietly; 
but the sound of the blond’s shifting body
was the only thing heard in the sullen night.
It creaks and groans like an old man’s bony body,
gaunt and forlorn while trained steps padded gently
over the wooden floors of his apartment.

          Those were not tears—
he reasons, within himself as hands tightened tentatively around the crystalline substance in his hands, his heart racing slightly at the foreign stalactite within his palm before it evaporated away like expired breath. 

                                “Is that you really you, Suicune?”

but there is no response/
just the gentle shut of the window/
a thief in the night/
like a passing midnight shower. 




                                Tabitha quickly reached out and managed to wrap
                                one arm around Caitlin, just barely preventing her
                                from falling to the ground. What good luck; his
                                reflexes were still sharp.

                         Slowly, he adjusted his position, putting her back to
                         how she was before, heaving a small sigh of relief.
                         Was the girl always this klutzy or was something
                         occupying her?

                                     Either way, it wasn’t any of his concern. Her thoughts
                                     were her own, even if she was able to see Tabitha’s
                                     thoughts without much of a problem (at least that’s
                                     what he figured).

                                           “You alright? You nearly took a tumble there…

Though the elite wouldn’t have hurt herself too badly either way,
she was surprised when an arm was wrapped around her
like a reflex, an automatic response
to save someone in need.
The consonants of her name rung out in urgency in her head
almost repeatedly (again)
Caitlin / Caitlin / Caitlin 
and reminded her comfortingly of Darach.
She not even noticing that she had been propped upright now by the male,
like a child who had fallen down with a scraped knee placed on the kitchen counter
to inspect the offending wound. 

           You alright? 
A concerned statement of two concise words 
coupled with a few more that were otherwise meaningless fillers,
the woman shakes her head free of the intruding thoughts
and waves a hand dismissively at his concern;
realizing quickly that her lack of “protection” was attributed to 
the absence of the Musharna, her companion.

"Fine—" the elite murmurs, 
suddenly cold upon having been caught
off-guard in the spire of the moment,
and sullenly nostalgic
for having grown-up 
without knowing.